N³ horizon common chain

Let the value of the data return to the data creators

The N³ horizon Blockchain is an anonymous dpos-based public chain activated on the dark web by a group of silicon valley Blockchain enthusiasts. The company is committed to reshaping the global sharing economy ecology by establishing the underlying structure of block chain technology logic and the intelligent contract of business model, and making use of N³ horizon public chain token N³ to bridge the gap between all links in the market and solve many pain points in the current commercial market, so as to realize the global intelligent data economy co-construction and sharing!

The name of "N³ horizon" indicates that N³ hopes to penetrate the fragmentation of data economy region and realize the cross-border integration of blockchain data economy. All businesses and individuals who want to survive and thrive will need advanced technology and high-quality encryption services. In fact, both business and individual users are not interested in the inside story, the technical details and the protocol. They are only interested in the end result: the quality of the service, the quality of the experience, the speed of the transaction and whether it can be guaranteed. Based on the vision of improving the service experience of each user and enterprise cooperation and ultimately realizing global economic integration, N³ horizon team is also committed to the realization of the goal.

Advantages of N³ consensus algorithm

The batch consensus algorithm is used to replace the consensus for each block in PBFT, and the production of the new block and the confirmation of the old block can be conducted simultaneously by broadcasting the relevant information of multiple blocks at one time. Dynamic batch consensus turns pipelined block validation into real-time block validation. After the production of each block, the whole network broadcast will be carried out immediately. The node will wait 0.5 seconds for the production of the next block and receive the confirmation results of the previous block from other nodes.


The production of the new block and the acceptance of the old block are conducted simultaneously. A deal is not truly legal until six new blocks have been created in succession. In most cases, N³'s consensus mechanism allows transactions to be confirmed within three seconds. This includes the 0.5 second block production time and the time required for confirmation of other nodes, which makes the whole system trade close to real-time confirmation and makes N³ chain easily realize more application scenarios.

AI technology and other cutting-edge technology organic combination

Optimize the governance model of the network

Let the value of the data come back to you

N³ is a block chain project with global application scenarios and grand ideal blueprint under the guidance of the latest top architecture concept of block chain. In the future, N³ will actively promote the organic combination of blockchain technology with big data technology, AI technology and other cutting-edge technologies, optimize the governance model of the network, return the value of data to the individual, balance the separation of individual consciousness and intelligence, and form a more efficient and credible collaboration. On this basis, based on the expanding business scale and user base, expand a broader market space outside the personal market, and create more application scenarios for N³.

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Central platform commission leads to high transaction costs

N³ horizon will establish a decentralized blockchain network, intermediaries will be cut off, and we expect transaction fees to be reduced by nearly 20%.

Credit problems lack an effective credit evaluation mechanism

N³ horizon records the data of users and service providers on the blockchain, and the data will be encrypted using the distributed storage scheme.

User funds are not secure on the intermediary platform

​Users and merchants trading through UCN will be able to settle in real time and eliminate the risks and costs associated with common payment methods on existing platforms.

Innovation and win-win mechanism

A more efficient blockchain efficiency system that meets the larger blockchain commercial applications and is also compatible with EOS mainframe contracts!

Based on the community-based voting incentive system, the community relationship of the interest community is completed, and the subordinate binding of the user relationship in the chain is realized!

The resolution reached by the N³ community referendum is driven by a greater proportion of code implementations, minimizing human intervention and keeping the data on the chain fair and transparent!

Optimize the initial resource mortgage interaction experience, and use the one-click mortgage chain starter function more quickly and conveniently!

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